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The Alaska State Archery Association (ASAA) is a not for profit, volunteer organization that supports all things archery at the local, state and the national level. Our mission is to foster, expand, and perpetuate the practices of archery throughout the state of Alaska while encouraging a spirit of good fellowship among all archers within the state. 

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Shooters Of The Year


Pro Male Freestyle-Tyler Wortham
Male Freestyle-Justin Befort
Male Bowhunter Freestyle-Rob Swanson
Female Bowhunter Freestyle-Julie Gagnebin
Male Traditional-Mike Demaria
Female Young Adult Freestyle-Kira Cook
Male Youth Freestyle-Fischer Eby
Female Youth Freestyle- Kearstyn Cotten
Female Youth Freestyle Recurve Limited-Lena Cook


Men’s Freestyle-Tyler Wortham
Men’s Bowhunter Freestyle-Rob Swanson
Men’s Traditional-Lance Warnick
Women's Traditional-Heidi Hatcher
Youth-Kira Cook


Men’s Freestyle-Tyler Wortham
Men’s Bowhunter Freestyle-
Rob Swanson
Men’s Traditional-Lance Warnick
Youth-Chase McGraw

"There is no excellence in archery without great labour.

- Maurice Thompson 

"An archer cannot hit the bullseye if he doesn't know where the target is."

- Anonymous

"Archery does not get difficult or hard to understand until the arrow misses."

- Milan E. Elott

"The archer that shoots badly has a lie ready."

- Spanish Proverb

"Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands."

- Nigerian Proverb

"Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow."

- Fred Bear

Meet the Executive Board of Directors 

Evan Cotten

Term 2020
Shooting Archery since 2014.  Loves tuning, testing and shooting bow. He is always working to improve his, his daughters and everyone else's archery around him. Favorite colors are purple and black and enjoys long walks on the Archery range.

John Zell

Vice President
Term 2019
International man of mystery, John hits what he aims for.  Boone & Crockett and Pope and Young record holder, he has proven he is willing to put in the work for the reward.  Also he takes having his arrow being  Robin Hooded better than anyone I have ever seen.

Rick Tuohy "2E"

Term 2019
Rick became addicted to stick and string in the Spring of 2015.
Loves spending time on the range with friends and family, and trying to out shoot Tom!!! Also his favorite ice cream is which ever one he is eating.

Cindy Tuohy

Term 2020
Avid Photographer, you'll never find Cindy at the Archery Range with a Bow. Nevertheless, she will hide in the bushes to get that perfect shot on you, with her camera.  Always supportive wife to Rick and a heck of a pie maker.

Justin Befort

Tournament Director
Term 2020
“Konnichiwa” fun fact, not only is Justin well versed in many things Archery he is also fairly fuent in Japanese.  When not at the Archery Range he most likely can be found at a car meet up.  Does anyone know how to say Rocket in Japanese?

Bernie Punzalan

NFAA State Director
Term 2020
Known for changing his strings the day of a tournament and still win, Bernie's Archery is on target.  If he is not tweaking his equipment  he is making sure everyone's paperwork is in order for the next tournament.
Glad to have him on our team!

Julie Gagnebin

Webmaster / Social Media Coordinator Assistant
Julie, says often "I am just happy to be here!" Known for being allergic to just about everything except Archery, she has no anxiety about hitting that X.  Her favorite colors can often be found in her hair.  Starting out as a fairly new shooter she has already racked up a pretty impressive archery resume. We know great things are coming her way!

Board of Governors

Includes all Members of the Executive Board &
Northwest Archers ~ Lance Warnick
Kenai Peninsula Archers ~ Kimberly Carroll
Juneau Archery Club ~ Andy Gray
Black Sheep Bowmen ~ Bernie Punzalan
Screaming Eagle Archery ~ Beth Alderman
Golden North Archery ~ Joanne Kuykendall
Prince William Sound Archery Club ~ Steve Shiell
Shemya Archery Club  ~ TBD
Full Curl Archery ~ David Stoddard
Black Bear Archery ~ Clayton Moore
North Pole Archery ~ William Huntley

ASAA Constitution & Bylaws

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NFAA / ASAA USA Membership Link to Online Application
NFAA USA Constitution and Bylaws and other various documents

Here is a link to the printable application that can be mailed in if you prefer not doing the online version.
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